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Houston Criminal Defense Attorney James Sullivan has defended clients in jury trials since 1994. He has represented over 3,000 clients.  He defends and fights for those accused of breaking the law. He represents people from around the world, from many diverse countries, ethnic groups, religions and customs. He has represented people from literally every continent and over 75 countries.

James Sullivan studied Journalism, Latin American and Asian studies at Baylor University. He also speaks Spanish.  In 1988, traveled to the war zone areas of northern Nicaragua on a Christian mission trip.  In 1990, he lived in Mexico and has traveled throughout on the country. He has many in-laws living throughout Mexico--from the states of Guerrero to Chiapas. He has traveled throughout Latin America and Europe.

James Sullivan has represented many Spanish-speaking clients in criminal and juvenile court. He literally has represented clients from around the world and from all faiths. His understanding of different cultures has enabled him to get many cases dismissed based on a multitude of reasons--from cultural misunderstandings to psychological problems that were exacerbated by the need to "save face" in Asian cultures.

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